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Technical Translation

Top quality technical translation solutions from English and Spanish into Hebrew (plus other language combinations) in a whole host of fields.

Translation include user manuals, quick start guides, reference guides, operation and maintenance manuals, online documentation, product literature and more.

Get fully RTL formatted and ready to use Word documents, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, website files and/or press-ready PDF files.


Software and Web localization in Hebrew from an expert who knows all the ins-and-outs and challenges posed by Hebrew localization.

Receive pre-localization consultation. Let me examine your product and I will give you the run down on the Hebrew language issues that need to be addressed.

Use my experience to save time and money by eliminating the localization pitfalls and nasty surprises along the way. Furthermore, get post-translation quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA), to guarantee a highly polished Hebrew localized product.

Editing and Proofreading

Let me help you ensure that the quality of the translation you are about to deliver or the new translator/agency you are about to start working with, meet your standards.

Linguistics, Terminology and Project Management

Let me make sure your team of Hebrew translators uses accurate and consistent terminology, correct grammar and appropriate style. Or simply leave all the Hebrew project management hassles to me.

Hebrew Technical Writing

Having worked on tens of thousands of pages of documentation for leading hardware and software companies, I am fully conversant with international standards and with the elements of readable style.

I offer Hebrew technical writing for user manuals, quick start guides, reference guides, technical specifications and more.

DTP in MS Word

MS Word is hardly a DTP application, but you would be amazed what an expert user can produce from it.

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