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Feedback and Recommendations from Customers


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Feedback from Customers

Remember that sw review you did for Kodak? See the PM’s message below.

...you used the weekend time for that review, too, and it certainly was much appreciated.

Dear Keiko-san,

I would like to follow-up on the Hebrew review, with a Thank to your Hebrew review partner! ...his/her review edits did in-fact greatly improve the translation.

....on the behalf of myself, and Eastman Kodak, please thank your Hebrew reviewer for their expert feedback on this request, and I hope I can have them for any future Health Group Hebrew reviews, I may have.

Audie R. Young, Localization Project Manager, EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY

Keiko Iijima, LQS Project Manager, Lionbridge

We have had the file that you recently translated for Lockheed Martin reviewed by their in-country reviewer and I would like to tell you that they said the translation was excellent.

Many thanks to you for providing this translation, it's good to know that we have suppliers that we can depend on to provide quality work.

Holly Roberts, Assistant Project Director, TheBigWord

Multiling has received a nice compliment from Dell. This compliment is the result of our translators/reviewers excellent performance on many projects over the last couple of years, which proves the ability of our team to perform to their expectations.

I strongly feel that even though you are on the other side of the ocean, we are one team and I am not only sharing, but forwarding this compliment to you.

Irina James, Assistant Project Manager, MultiLing

I just wanted to let you know that I spent all of yesterday in a meeting with Toshiba. They told me how impressed they have been with the quality of your work, and asked me to pass on their thanks to you...

I'd also like to add my own personal thanks for making the addition of your languages to Rubric's capabilities as smooth as it has been. I've been deeply impressed with the level of co-operation and technical ability shown.

Thanks again for all your hard work and advice given over the last few months.

Paul Connolly, Product Manager, Rubric

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