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About Yossi Rozenman

Since starting out in 1992, I have worked directly and as a subcontractor with major hi-tech companies including Microsoft, Intel, HP, Lexmark and Dell, with start-ups and small to medium size businesses, as well as with major translation agencies in Israel and worldwide.

Technical Translator

Physics and astronomy studies at Tel Aviv University and a strong interest in technological developments have given me a sound technological grounding for tackling and understanding new and innovative technologies as they emerge.

Localization expert

Over the years, I specialized in software localization and websites localization, including web-based applications, gaining extensive experience in adapting the layout, interface and text into a Hebrew format. To this end, I also developed several utilities to streamline the localization process, to handle large volumes of documentation and to coordinate large projects.

Thanks to my extensive knowledge in Hebrew localization, in 2006, I was invited to give a lecture on Hebrew localization at the annual Conference of the Israel Translators Association in Jerusalem.

Language specialist

In 2003, I was appointed a Microsoft Language Specialist through Bowne Global Solutions (now Lionbridge), and continue to manage Microsoft's Hebrew terminology and quality assurance for translations and DTP in the Hebrew language.

Proficient in translation tools

I am a power user of MS Word and SDL Trados and proficient in MS Office applications and other programs such as MS HTML Help Workshop and Adobe Acrobat, as well as proprietary localization tools such as Microsoft's LocStudio and Helium and Intel's IIDS.

Collaborate with colleagues

On large-scale projects and services involving other languages and fields, I collaborate with highly proficient professional translators, all native speakers of the target language and experts in their respective fields.

More than a freelance translator

Take advantage of my expertise and get value added Hebrew translation services:

Localization solutions and consultation

Editing and proofreading

Linguistics management

Terminology management

Project management

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