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Quality is the top priority in my work. For me, quality means:


A translator not only has to be a native speaker of the target language and have a good command of the source language, but must also understand the subject matter. When dealing with new subject matter, I always extensively research and study the material to gain a firm understanding of it, before translating it.


Use of accurate context-sensitive terminology.

Use of glossary management tools, such as MultiTerm and tools I developed in Access.

Resources such as the Hebrew Academy site, online glossaries and dictionaries, hardcopy dictionaries, Microsoft glossary and more.


Use of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, such as Trados, is essential for translation consistency and future leveraging. As a former Trados trainer and supporter, I am a power user of Trados.

Glossary management tools ensure consistent and accurate terminology.

Grammar and spelling

Translations are delivered after spell and grammar checking.

In case of doubt, I check correct grammar and spelling with professional linguists, the Hebrew Academy and reference books.


Thorough and stringent proofreading saves time spent on revisions and avoids return of translations for corrections.

For direct customers (not translation agencies), proofreading/editing by another translator/linguist is included in price. Translation agencies can request this service for additional fee.

Professional looking layout

The finished translation is guaranteed to look just as professional as the original text. Source text is accepted be in various formats. Whether an Office file such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or a Web page, WinHelp, HTML help or any other, the formatting and layout will always match the original.

Timely delivery

The best translation may not be worth its while if not delivered on time. With this in mind, I carefully plan the distribution of the work load to spot any issues that may cause delays.

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